Men’s Health – Prostrate Cancer and Men

Men and women are alike, as they are human beings with a similar physical structure. They are very similar in their biological composition as well as their outlook. However, there are certain things that are just totally opposite such as the main organs that define their sexes.

Males have different gonads and so do women, which play a vital role in making them the people they are. As an example of this is the way that men have a gland called prostrate, a chestnut sized gland in males at the neck of the urethra. It produces a viscid secretion that is the fluid part of semen. This gland is not present in the women.

Prostrate Cancer – A Wide-Spread Ailment in Men

One of the most lethal and on the rise disease in men is Prostrate Cancer. This is a condition that affects men because of the fact that they have a prostrate gland. In many men, the prostrate gland is known to swell up.

This condition usually takes place when men reach a certain age, and this is the reason why it is often said that this condition is age-related. It also lowers your testosterone (androgen) level and you are more likely to suffer from prostrate swelling.

Prostrate swelling is not believed to be a normal ageing symptom and this is because of the fact that all male individuals do not get it. It is because of this that hormone supplementation has been implemented. There are side effects to such a practice, but people are still going for it in order to prevent painful or discomforting conditions that could very well arise.

Some important facts regarding prostate gland and its cancer

  • The Prostrate gland is situated at around the urethra in a male body, made up of different cells.
  • However, 99 percent of these cells are glandular cells and their major function is to produce seminal fluid.
  • A cancer that starts in the glandular cells is known as adenocarcinoma.
    Most men in their advanced age do not get affected and many also do not know that they have prostrate cancer because they never feel pain and discomfort.
  • At autopsies, it has been discovered that older men have died for reasons that are in no way connected with prostrate cancer even though they may have had it.

Experts believe that men that prostrate cancers start first with a condition called prostratic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN). This condition can appear in men who are in their early 20s as well. If you are diagnosed with such a condition, there is need for doctors to keep an eye on the microscopic changes that take place gradually in the prostrate region.

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Speaking Several Languages Might Protect Memory

The ability to speak several languages not only looks good on a resume when you’re young, it may have neurological benefits well after you pass retirement age.

A new study finds that seniors who speak three, four or more languages may have a lower risk of impaired memory than their peers.

Most people already know the cultural advantages of learning foreign languages, but now it appears there are also health benefits to being able to speak in more than one tongue, said lead researcher Magali Perquin, of the Center for Health Studies from the Public Research Center for Health in Luxembourg.

“People who practice different languages might develop particular cognitive processes that may help them to be more resistant to brain aging and cognitive decline when getting old,” Perquin added. “It might even provide additional motivation to learn new languages, which is quite interesting.”

Perquin and colleagues studied hundreds of males and females who were randomly invited to participate in the MemoVie study, a long-term study of mental function in the elderly. The seniors, who were 73 years old on average and had completed about 12 years of formal education, underwent neurological and psychological examinations and were categorized as having normal mental function, impaired mental function or dementia. After excluding those with dementia, the researchers looked at the number of languages the seniors spoke currently or at some point in life to determine if any associations existed between multilingualism and cognitive impairment.

The investigators found that the more languages the seniors currently spoke, or had spoken previously, the better protected they were against experiencing memory loss.

The findings, released online Tuesday, are scheduled to be presented in April during the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting in Honolulu.

All of the adults currently spoke or had spoken anywhere from two to seven languages, but 44 of the 230 study participants (19 percent) had impaired mental function.

Seniors who were fluent in three languages were nearly four times as likely as their bilingual peers to be protected against cognitive impairment, the researchers found. Those who spoke four or more languages were more than five times as likely as bilingual seniors to be protected against memory problems, according to the study authors.

The association remained true even after the researchers took into consideration age and years of education.

“We showed multilingualism protects from cognitive impairment and, because the earliest stage of Alzheimer’s disease is the occurrence of cognitive impairment, it’s probably not too audacious to think that multilingualism could delay or lower the risk of [Alzheimer’s disease] onset,” said Perquin.

The researchers were unable to tease out a difference between seniors with current, rather than prior, fluency in multiple languages, and were unable to say exactly why multilingualism is so important in reducing the risk of cognitive impairment.

“We still have so many things to learn about brain capacities,” Perquin said.

One potential explanation, according to Dr. Richard Lipton, a neurologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, is the “‘use it or lose it’ theory of brain function,” he said. “You have to use more of your brain to speak multiple languages.”

“There’s been a longstanding notion that engagement in cognitively stimulating activities protects against Alzheimer’s disease,” he added. “Speaking multiple languages is a form of cognitive stimulation.”

Lipton said he views Perquin’s findings in the context of his “crossword puzzle study.” Formally known as the Einstein Aging Study, it found that engaging in mentally stimulating activities, like doing crossword puzzles, may protect against age-related mental decline.

It is unknown, however, whether fluency in multiple languages protects against mental decline or is simply a marker of potentially protective traits, like increased intelligence and superior ability, Lipton said, describing it as “sort of a chicken-and-egg problem.”
“My preference is to believe that all forms of cognitive engagement will help you to age better and protect against dementia,” he noted.

Whether that cognitive engagement includes playing bridge or chess or learning multiple languages, Lipton said, “I want to believe what we do makes a difference.”

Research presented at meetings has not been subjected to the same review process given to studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, experts note.

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Different Types Of Men Health Disorders And Men Health Products To Counter Them

Several medical statistics are of the view that near about 80% of the global male population fight with several health related disorders in some part of the their life or other. Most bothersome problem for men are disorders related to sex life, overweight and higher body mass index, lack of required mineral and nutrients and ageing. To help people in this direction several men health products are available in market. In this article, we will focus upon these products and their advantages.

Products for sexual disorder

Commonly marked sexual disorder among male are smaller size, lack of erection, loss of stamina, ejaculation before time and loss of sexual desire. There are several reasons behind these disorders. Most prominent of them is the improper blood supply to the penile tissues. Both herbal and chemical men health supplements are available in market to help people in eradicating these disorders. They help in improving the number of penile tissues, blood absorption capacity of these tissues and smooth blood flow to these tissues. As a result, the user experiences enhancement in size and erection. Along with, they can help in amplifying the production of sperm and preventing the dead sperm count. As a result, premature ejaculation problem is addressed in an effective manner with use of these men health products. Herbal supplements are highly recommended in this direction as they are free from negative side effects.

Health products to counter higher body mass index

Obesity and overweight are now a growing health concern for men in both developed and developing countries. Irregular diet habit, stress and overdependence on junk food are the major reasons behind these disorders. These disorders, if become persistent might lead to severe health complications related to heart, liver and kidney in the long run. men health product aiming at reducing the extra pounds reduces the calories absorption capacity of your body. They have the capability to curb the appetite. As a result, they help you in managing your body weight. However, some of the mean health products for weight management might have negative side effects among a small cross section of users

Supplements for required vitamins, mineral and nutrients

There are several vitamins, nutrients and minerals which are crucial for the smooth functioning of body and can not be created by body itself. Body cells absorb these from our daily diet. If your daily diet is incapable of providing the above vital elements, you need men’s health supplements.

Supplements to counter ageing problems

Ageing creates problems like wrinkles, fine lines, black sports below and dark spots. Along with, it also hampers the texture of the skin. Men health product rich in anti-oxidants can help you in preventing these disorders and restore your youthful charm for a longer period.

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Some Common Side Effects of Stopping Smoking

Quitting smoking is probably one of the hardest things you may have to do your entire life. It is the nicotine that makes it hard. This chemical is addictive and just like any addictive drug, cessation leads to withdrawal and your body wanting the drug so much that a number of symptoms, or side effects will develop. The side effects of stopping smoking are difficult, but they only last for the first 3 days. After this it becomes an easier task. However, dealing with this 72 hour period and finishing it is the hardest part where most people fail when they attempt to stop.

The side effects of stopping smoking cover a variety of mental and physical symptoms which are manifested in an attempt to get you to light up another cigarette. You must resist the temptation no matter how bad the symptoms get. The first thing you will notice is that you will start feeling depressed about not having that cigarette around when you need it; before you could turn to the cigarette to help you get through almost any situation. This depression will lead into an anxiety in which you will develop jitters and fears about not being able to handle daily life without a smoke.

You used to hang out in certain places with certain friends but after cessation you will have to become a loner to some degree. As a result, another side effect of stopping smoking will kick in known as boredom and loneliness. Worst of all though, there is another side effect, but this one will affect those around you faster than it will affect you personally. You will become more irritable, hot tempered and ready to snap at anyone for any little thing. Chances are that you will not even realize that you are being irritable. Just remind yourself and those around you that after 72 hours, things should start to calm down and ask them to bear with you until you get there; they will understand and support you while you quit smoking.

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Real Aphrodisiacs: Kick-start your Sex Drive

Let’s be clear from the get-go: there are not any foods that will ramp up sex drive. What you need is a healthy diet that will stabilize your physical and mental health, as well as regular exercise. However, there are some foods that might improve sexual ability with a stretch of the imagination, and, if you don’t believe that aphrodisiacs are mythical, there are some convincing enough to at least get the placebo effect.

But the fact is, aside from medicine or long-term behavioral changes, there isn’t much you can do to improve your sex. Still, let’s go through the more interesting options and the ones that are important to avoid.
Stuff that MIGHT Work

Evidence is anecdotal at best, but try these:

Yohimbe – A vine said to be a “natural viagra”. Personal accounts back this up and there is no health drawback.
Chickpeas – Garbonzos are recommended by the Kama Suttra to give men stamina. Either way, hummus is delicious and healthy. Why not eat it every day?
Truffle – “Experts” claim that truffle emit sex pheromones, but in reality they just smell vaguely musky. If it works, it works though.
Chocolate – The caffeine and antioxidants might improve sex given some time, but more, the creamy, silky taste is more like to get people in the mood. Sex is about sensory experience, and chocolate has it all: smell, taste, texture, and even the sound of biting into a piece or slurping it hot.
Alcohol – Don’t overdue it. A binge won’t help. But, a small taste or even smell – such as cooking a meal with brandy – will open up the amorous parts of the brain and put you in a mood.
Stuff that DOESN’T Work

Avoid the following:

Spanish Fly – Will aggravate your urinary tract, causing you to writhe in pain.
Oysters – High mercury levels can be dangerous. Though it works because it looks like the vulva.
Beef – You will not take on the properties of the bull. Red meat will lower your sex drive.
Rabbit – No truth to this one, and it tastes bad!

Meat will harm your sex drive more than help it.
Any Testicles – This does not work. Few enjoy the experience. Alcohol – Seriously, don’t have a whole drink before. It could ruin you!


People tend to think exotic foods, “oriental” delicacies, and things that are hard to pronounce are aphrodisiacs. This believe comes from a deeply embedded archaic racism that suggested non-Europeans were more basic and lustful. Now we attribute it to their food. Don’t fall into this expensive trap.


This is the only true aphrodisiac out there that works short-term. As science has advanced, we have gotten more and more options. The safest and most effective for E.D. Sufferers out there is Levitra. It comes in a simple little pill and will give you robust confidence and stamina to find boudoir bliss and satisfy your partner. For women, there are studies suggesting that Levitra may make it easier to orgasm. Talk to your doctor first, but there is a much better chance of Levitra working than anything above, and, pill-for-pill, pound-for-pound, it’s cheaper.

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How I Quit Smoking Overnight After 40 Years!

This story of mine goes back 6 years, when after smoking ordinary packet cigarettes from 1- 2 packets a day (And sometimes more) for the previous 34 years, I decided to give them up and swap to hand rolling my own.

This was rightly or wrongly based on the premise that by getting rid of all the chemicals that were in an ordinary cigarette, then my body would be ok, as I was “told” that nicotine in itself does not kill you, it is all the other crap (Sorry chemicals) that they put in man made cigarettes that does the main damage.

There was none of this in a hand rolled cigarette so I was ok wasn’t I!

My rationale did not take into account the amount of actual smoke that was still going into my lungs, and also coking up my whole respiratory system, but I solved that one by being an active twice weekly squash player, so my cardio-vascular would be protected and I would be fit.

What a plonker.

The challenge I had, was that I had tried to give up a couple of times before, and had tried the nicotine patches and the chewing gum when they came out, but ended up having a ciggy while still wearing the patch chewing the gum, so gave up on that idea as they did not work.

They obviously do, but not for me.

The thought of actually using willpower to quit smoking, frightened the life out of me, more so than smoking itself; how many people can relate to that one.

I did try using willpower but failed miserably, like all the other attempts to try and give up, that I had unsuccessfully tried.

Now the word “try” here is very important, because if you “try” to do something you won’t do it; if you tried to pick up that pen from your desk, and you picked it up, you did not try, you did it; if you had tried to pick it up, you would not have picked it up at all.

So my attempts to try and quit smoking were a miserable failure, so I gave up trying and carried on smoking my roll ups.

Fast forward to early March 2008, I started to cough up blood which frightened me somewhat, and I ended up in hospital getting thoroughly checked out.

They confirmed that I was ok and the x-ray proved all was clear, miraculously my lungs were also clear, but that it was probably one of my gums that had become weak and started to bleed. (A subsequent visit to my dental hygienist confirmed this, and she also said it was due to smoking)

This episode really scared me, and I realized that the time to Do, and not to Try, was upon me.

During the past year or so on the internet, I had purchased a set of self hypnosis cd’s to listen to, and one of them was designed to Help you to Stop Smoking.

I decided to listen to it that evening (March 31st 2008) and from the following day I have not touched or smoked a cigarette.

I cannot now believe that I smoked for all those years, and I can honestly say that I have had little to no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

The one or two times over the past five months that I thought I would like a cigarette, a little voice inside my head said “Why would you want to do that, you don’t smoke” and the thought passes.

Now all the benefits I was told about quitting smoking are coming to fruition, like the fact;

* I don’t stink of smoke any more.
* The colour and tone of my skin has improved my appearance, and friends say I look ten years younger.
* No more coughing and wheezing at all.
* An important health benefit being that the risk of a heart attack is halved compared to that of being a smoker.
* The financial saving is considerable to say the least

Do this for yourself and let me know how you get on. Hypnosis Stop Smoking

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Weight Loss Pills in Today’s Generation

Today’s youth needs something extraordinary and this scientific revolution can make things better for you in your life, which can also help you in the long run.
To make the new generation free from obesity and the post obesity problems it is necessary to add the exercise of 10 to 20 minutes in daily routine. Now, weight loss pills are here for the new generation and may work initially but it is not suggested to depend only on weight loss pills completely because pills may have some type of side effects for different kind of people having heart problems. You are suggested to take the weight loss pills under the prescription of a good physician. These precautions must help you in building an obesity free society to tackle the alarming situation of obesity.
Things can be set all fine when you take these things seriously. One of the important aspects in your life is to focus mainly on your diet plan and then you will be able to understand the importance of your health. Weight loss pills can be used in today’s generation in order to kick off the extra fat which is deposited stubbornly in your stomach. However, you have to be very careful in selecting these pills since these pills can be fraud too. For this, you can have best solution and can help yourself in making your life better.

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